Do you want Dr. Mompell to live connect with you and review your cases personally?

♦ Dr. Mompell will be happy to personally assist you if you need advice at any stage of the process, from planning to installation, to the correct activation protocol for your patient, specific design or his D-MSE combination protocol with aligners.

If you become a VIP Member, remember that you have included a mentoring session with Dr. Mompell

♦ In each session, Dr. Mompell will connect with you at the time and day you have selected. He will have reviewed the case before if you provide us with the case reference.

♦ To optimize your time, you can leave us any doubts you have regarding the case that you are going to analyze, so that he can help you better from the the first minute.

♦ During the session Dr. Mompell will explain everything about your DMSE and advise you. Try to have your case planning presentation prepared by the planning center to again optimize time. Sessions are usually about 45 minutes.

♦ During these sessions you can also plan directly with Dr. Mompell the possibility of attending his clinic to place a DMSE or have him move to your clinic to place it with you in your own patient. ASK HIM ABOUT THIS OPTION DURING THE SESSION !!!